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Appeal for Palestinians in Syria

March 28th, 2015


Request and appeal for justice, equality and lift the injustice of the Palestinian families residing in Syria, which dropped the Swedish Consulate in Lebanon before and after their decisions residency in Sweden .!!!!

The syrian palestinian family prevented from traveling to anywhere in The world except Lebanon and scarcely very seriously.

Sweden has long been a former state in helping the palestinians we are asking the government ease the Swedish part of the suffering of the Palestinian people in Syria:

1-requested an exemption from the costs and burdens to obtain a visa to enter Sweden and the cancellation of the requirement to obtain a visa Because he holds a copy of the decision of residence and reunification of the Swedish immigration service and the Palestinian reciprocity with most eu consulates operating in Lebanon

2. Alleviate the suffering and problems of the tragedy and the cost of entry to Lebanon, Lebanese Syrian cross-border and it is by abolishing the requirement to obtain a visa, which forced families to enter, transit, use the border several times

3- make consulate review only once to make the interview and provide the necessary papers.
“the Swedish consulate in Lebanon ask from the Syrian-Palestinian (statlös) family after they grant a decision to a residency permit in Sweden (beslut) from the Swedish Immigration Service (family reunification):

To submit papers and documents required to obtain a visa inter Sweden, they also required to pay the amount of us $ 82 for r every person.

First the family financial situation is fragile and economically harsh. And they can’t afford the cost for visa.

Second some legal persons in sweden says :when you receive a residence-permit in Sweden you will not need a visa.!!!!! Thus why Swedish consulate in Lebanon ask from Palestinians family to apply for visa .

Third when a Palestinian family who lived in Syria and was able to access somehow to turkey’s (and they have decision for residence in Sweden), the embassy of Swedish in Turkey do not ask them to get a visa to enter Sweden, and do not required to pay any amount of money, so
Why not deal consulate in Lebanon with the Palestine’s similarly???????

Forth the cost of entry to Lebanon and syria and return to the hotel reservation for three consecutive times up almost $ 1,500 and this and in addition to about us $ 500 consulate fees and photography, translation, mobilizing private through visa applications .

Fifith The enormous psychological pressure and sticks which are exposed Palestinian family every time pass out to the lebanese-syrian borders.

Because in many cases, lebanese security officials refuse to enter Palestinian families to lebanon, forcing many of these families with their children to sleep on the border and in the atmosphere of tragic for the next day in the hope of allowing them admitted to the interviewees identified in the Swedish consulate in Lebanon.

Some European countries work ultimate steps to alleviate the suffering ff the Palestinian people.
For example on
– Austrian embassy has made a review of her visit family only once
– the staff job interviews palestinian families once a month in a hotel safe in Damascus. “

Jamal hima

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