Dear Authors,

We are pleased to announce significant improvements to the submission process for the Journal of Intercultural Communication. Our goal is to make your experience smoother and more straightforward, allowing you to focus more on your research and less on the submission details.

Submission Process:

We have streamlined our submission process to enhance clarity and efficiency. You can view the new submission process map here, which outlines the steps involved from manuscript preparation to submission.

Submission Requirements:

To ensure a smooth review process, please prepare the following two documents:

  1. Manuscript Prepared Using the Submission Template:

    • Ensure that your manuscript adheres to our submission template, which is designed to meet the formatting requirements of the Journal of Intercultural Communication. This will include structuring your document according to the guidelines for headings, text formatting, and references.
  2. Separate Title Page:

    • Include a separate title page with your manuscript. This page should contain the title of your paper, author names, affiliations, ORCID, Author's biodata and contact information for the corresponding author. This will be used for administrative purposes and will not be part of the review process to maintain the integrity of our double-blind review system.

Authorship, Disclosure Statements, Copyright, and License Agreement Form

    • Submission of Authorship, Disclosure Statements, Copyright, and License Agreement will be requested only after the desk review if accepted for peer review.

How to Submit:

Please visit our online submission portal to upload your manuscript and title page. The portal will guide you through the submission process, using the steps outlined in the process map.

If you have any questions or require assistance during the submission process, please do not hesitate to contact our editorial team at

We thank you for choosing the Journal of Intercultural Communication to publish your research. We look forward to your submissions and are excited to see your valuable contributions to the field of intercultural communication.

Warm regards,

Dr Israr Ahmad

Managing editor
Journal of Intercultural Communication