Dear Editors,

As we continuously strive to uphold the integrity and quality of the review process at our journal, I want to address an important aspect concerning the evaluation of manuscripts during the desk review phase.

It has come to our attention that the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) tools in the desk review process is becoming increasingly common. While AI offers significant advantages in various applications, we must be cautious about its use in the context of academic peer review. Our commitment is to maintain a process deeply rooted in human insight and expertise, which AI tools cannot fully replicate.

The desk review stage is critical for assessing the suitability of a manuscript within the scope of our journal and its potential impact on the field. This assessment relies heavily on the specialized knowledge and critical thinking skills of our editors, which AI cannot replicate.

In light of these considerations, I urge all section, Guest, and desk editors to refrain from using AI tools for conducting initial desk reviews. Instead, we should leverage our extensive experience and deep understanding of the field to evaluate submissions. Your expertise ensures that each manuscript is reviewed with the rigor and thoughtfulness it deserves, fostering a diverse and dynamic academic discourse.

Please ensure that your review practices align with this guidance, emphasizing critical, informed, and ethical judgment. Let's continue to contribute our valuable human insights to advance our field responsibly.

Thank you for your attention to this important matter and for your ongoing commitment to the excellence of our publication process.

Warm regards,

Prof. Jens ALLWOOD