Issue 45, November 2017

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Anuradha Bhattacharjee
Impact of “Cultural Imperialism” on Advertising and Marketing

Gilad Greenwald and Sam Lehman-Wilzig
"He Will Take Care of our Security Better than Her" - Examining Socio-Cultural Conceptions of Gender in Israeli and American Press Coverage of Female Candidates for Top Political Positions, 2008-2009

Daniel H. Mansson and Stephen Croucher
American and Finnish College Students’ Traits and Interactions with Their Instructors

Olga V. Nikolaeva, Chen Shumei & Maria Panina
Chinese Proverbs in Chinese Media in English - Intercultural Communication Perspective

Marcel Pikhart & Andrea Koblizkova
The Central Role of Politeness in Business Communication - The Appropriateness Principle as the Way to Enhance Business Communication Efficiency

Miriam Sobre-Denton
Multicultural third culture building - A case study of a multicultural social support group

Michał Wilczewski, Arkadiusz Gut & Oleg Gorbaniuk
The impact of individualism-collectivism orientation and communal orientation on employees’ attitudes toward intercultural communication - The case of Chinese employees in an MNC