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Refugee day 20 June

juni 19th, 2009

I am writing to you from Pakistan as a member of the UNHCR Emergency Response Team.

I’m sure you’ve heard from news coverage that innocent men, women and children are still arriving at the camps. Each one of them has a devastating story to tell.
As I listen to their tales, I can only feel more motivated to continue my work
and try to help them.

Ajij, a 35 year old farmer who recently arrived at the Sugar Mill Camp with his wife and five children told me that they could hear the shelling and bombing every-day, his house was destroyed. He believes they will lose all of their crops. The heat in the camps is too hard for my children, he conceded, I want to go back to my village.

Another man and his wife cried in front of me. They were ashamed of having
fled the bombings near their home. They had no other choice, but they still
felt ashamed.

My most tragic encounter happened a few days ago when I met Sapla at a
hospital in the North West Frontier Province. A bomb hit her home in Swat
district. Her three-year-old daughter and two other relatives were killed
by the mortar. Sapla and her three remaining children survived, but they
are suffering from deep burns and are in constant pain.

I hope you can join me in my effort to try to help people like Ajij and Sapla.

I’m not sure how or if the coming World Refugee Day will be marked here
in the camps in Pakistan, but I do know that your support will allow
families to continue hoping that some day they will be able to go back
home in safety and dignity.

Please give shelter and hope today.

Yours truly,

Hlne Caux
UNHCR Officer

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