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Human rights in Denmark

april 21st, 2013

My name is Sumant and I am originally from India. I lived in the USA from 2002 to 2008 mostly in Texas where I attended the University of North Texas for a Master’s in Applied Geography(GIS). I made use of that education and my previous education as a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering to get myself a work permit in Denmark, although I worked in Texas for 2 years mostly doing GIS work.

During those 2 years I also worked at a Couple of companies which included a software consulting firm in Dallas, TX where I was underpaid in regards to the US pay scale stipulated in my work contract and as per legal visa rules.The US Wage and Labor division had failed to solve the case and
therefore I had to back out. I got no backwages out of it.

Now here in Denmark there is lesser opportunities compared to the USA and as foreigners lacking Danish skills it is hard getting work as of now.

There is a social welfare system which is discriminatory by region. I was receiving social welfare in Copenhagen whereas I was denied social welfare in Odense.

There is discrimination prevalent towards foreigners and people of color in terms of financing of retail goods and purchases. This just shows the lackage of equality laws in the country.

The country also lacks a good wage policy and labor complaints. There is a sense of lack of ethics in work culture.

My work permit was revoked because I took social welfare and I was just given a months’ time to leave the country. So, i am in dire straits with no chance of me getting employment or a source of income.

As a result I am jobless and homeless and living out on the streets and at the mercy of homeless organizations wherein there are ex-convicts and potentially violent people. Day to day survival has become hard due to lack of income sources, pocket money and as a result its hard even to get food to eat in this quite expensive country.

Also, there is discrimination from the general Danish populace and a xenophobic feeling. I generally feel there is a strong ”DANISHNESS” growing and a feeling of resentment towards foreigners. There is a threatening behavior and a feel of getting ”kicked” out of the country. This has caused me distress and living has become hard fought each day.

I was forced out of a library for no reason which shows the lack of freedom in the country.The craziness, racist/discriminatory attitudes, intolerance, selfishness, harshness, lack of ethics and most of all the ignorant behavior/ignorance is extremely distressing and appalling. The people tend
to pry on individual rights and ”make use”.

There is a strong ”racist” feel. There is a lack of ”equality” treatment towards people of outer groups compared to the USA. There is also lackage of freedom and equality that one can find like in the US.

I was thrown out of Copenhagen Railway Station for nothing and charged for assault for nothing and because I am non-white. The actual reason was I was collecting bottles in the railway station and there was a railway employee who saw me and tried to force me out by pushing me, so I pushed him back
because he was using force. The guy then fell down but was A OK. Then his fellow employees came by and roughed me up before even I could say anything, pinned me down by force and held me down and called the cops.

I was then handcuffed in a rather rough manner and bodysearched and arrested and thrown in the cell for a couple of hours and then released. The cops took 500 kroner from me for a previous offense of shoplifting without even my permission. This just shows the amount of prejudice and discriminatory attitudes the people have in them towards people of color.

I was assaulted in a Copenhagen park a while back by a couple of guys and the Police failed to respond to my emergency call right after the assault. This happened to me in another manhandling incident of me also. This just shows the racist attitudes of Copenhagen Police and equality.

I just cannot bear the supression of freedom of expression, lackage of individual rights/individualism, shallowness, pryingness, critisicms, discouragement, submission to authority, resentment towards English, continous monitoring, suspicion towards particular people, ignorance,
meanness, lack of understanding, provokenment, control freakiness, subjugation mentality, quibliness, resentment, emotional manipulation, conspiring, forcing, ego, stupidity, bad treatment, violent behaviour,
arguements, psychopathic behavior, belittlement, lack of compassion/concern, bullying, threatening, closedmindedness, arrogance, mocking, stupid behavior, selfishness, lack of political correctness, lack of professionalism, inclination towards slavery, lack of standards, racist slurs, hatred, intolerance, madness, rudeness, coldness, harshness, hardness, insanity, harassment, malice, racial prejudice, slander, antagonism, immaturity, insulting, xenophobia, discrimination towards certain race groups, ethnocentrism and the snubbing from the people so much so that daily outings and routines are affected.

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