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Translation grants – for translation to Swedish of works by immigrant authors who write in a different language

juni 24th, 2016

Translation grants – for translation to Swedish of works by immigrant authors who write in a different language

About the grants
Region Västra Götaland’s Cultural Affairs Committee established a new translation grants programme in autumn 2014. The aim of the programme is to make it easier for authors with an immigrant background to make a living and to give them increased visibility. It will also make it more financially viable for publishers to invest in authors who are not yet known in Sweden and who write in a language other than Swedish. The regional grants programme comprises SEK 450,000 to be distributed each year during a two-year trial period. Publishers may apply for a translation grant if they plan to publish works by authors who are resident in Sweden but whose mother tongue is not Swedish and whose work is to be translated into Swedish.

Who can apply?
Registered publishers with a proven publishing record are eligible to apply. The publisher applies for the grant together with the author. The grant is to go towards translation and is not to be used for any other book production costs. Applications may also be made in respect of digital publishing. The author, publisher or translator must be resident or registered in Västra Götaland region. Priority will be given in the application process to works that have already been published in their original language. If the work has not been published, an original manuscript must be submitted with the application.

The application must include:

A short presentation of the work (including the scope of the original manuscript), motivation for publishing and a test translation of at least 10 sides of A4.
The translator’s credentials.
The author’s credentials.
The publisher’s track record.
A budget that includes the amount applied for. The budget must be based on Sveriges författarförbund’s (the Swedish Writers’ Union’s) recommended minimum fee scale and the scope of the work.
A copy of a signed contract between the publisher and the author.
A copy of a signed contract between the publisher and the translator.

Period of application
15 August 2016 – 9 October 2016. The application should be sent electronically to oversattarstod@forfattarcentrum.se
Test translation grants

In addition to translation grants, applications can also be made for test translation grants. The aim of the test translation grant is to make it easier for authors to present their work to potential publishers and thus make it easier to apply for translation grants for the whole work.

Who can apply?

Authors who are registered in Sweden but who write in a mother tongue other than Swedish.
Registered publishers.
The author or the translator must be registered in Västra Götaland region.

Conditions for the awarding of a grant

The translator has professional experience.
The translator’s mother tongue is Swedish or the translator works in partnership with a proofreader/translator whose mother tongue is Swedish.
The work is translated from the language that the work was originally written in.

How much can I apply for?
Applications for a test translation grant require submission of at least ten pages of prose or poetry of corresponding scope. The amount that can be applied for is fixed: SEK 10,000

Grants can also be applied for in respect of other categories. Please contact us if you are unsure of the scope of the text.

The application must include:

The translator’s credentials.
The translator’s post/bank giro account or bank account details to be used for any payment.
A short description of the work and how the test translation will be used.
Confirmation that the rights holder has given permission for the work to be translated. (For example, a letter between the author and the translator.)

Period of application
Applications can be submitted at any time up to and including 31 August 2016 and applications will be assessed once a month. All applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application by email. Send your application to: oversattarstod@forfattarcentrum.se

The grant will be paid once the finished test translation has been sent to us in electronic form. Send the translation to: oversattarstod@forfattarcentrum.se

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information! oversattarstod@forfattarcentrum.se

More information: http://www.oversattarstod.se/146-2/

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