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Journal of Intercultural Communication

May 5th, 2017

The Journal of Intercultural Communication (JICC) was started in 1999.
In December 31, 2015, 639 papers had been submitted from 77 countries.
A high standard of quality is maintained with a rejection rate of
about 60%. Several different countries discussing different issues
related to intercultural communication are presented in each issue.

The JICC wishes to give its readers the choice of a large range of
relevant problems within the field of intercultural communication.

The papers can have either a theoretical or a more practical focus.
Some examples are a paper about educating intercultural trainers and
trainees, so that they are able to understand the cultural codes
underlying the conflicts in intercultural communication, and another
example is a paper discussing the same subject, applying the theory of
complex systems in a constructionist framework.

Papers stem from many different countries. A paper from Leshoto
proposed hybridity as a master trope for resolving the inherent
tensions in globalization through adjustments and accommodation (case
of advertising space in Lesotho). A paper form China analyzed the
efficiency in the communication of employees working in a
multicultural environment. A third paper investigates communication
apprehension in relation to the Iranian Kurdish minority.

Website: http://www.immi.se/intercultural.

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