The European Intercultural Workplace (EIW)

European Intercultural Workplace (EIW) är ett projekt om etnisk och kulturell mångfald i arbetslivet som pågick 2004-2007. Här kan du läsa mer om EIW-projektet och resultaten. EIW:s studiematerial "Europe at Work" - en dvd med 13 filmscener och diskussionsfrågor om kulturkrockar i arbetslivet - kan beställas på Immigrant-institutet.

Project 2004 IE/04/C/F/TH-81200

The European Intercultural Workplace Project (2004-2007) brings together partners in 10 European countries to investigate challenges posed by an increasingly intercultural work environment. Funded by the EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme II, the project is intended to highlight key issues for managers, employees and customers from host and immigrant cultures in public, private and education sectors. Although similar in some respects, workplaces across Europe often differ according to context, demography, geographical area, economic sector and intercultural issues.

Focusing on the experience of work in 10 countries across Europe, including Accession States, the aims of the project are to

■ Investigate workplaces in various sectors in each participating country
■ Compare the results across Europe
■ Make our results available to relevant constituencies

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