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Local authorities: the missing link to harness the potential of migration for development

May 7th, 2014

The Joint Migration and Development Initiative (JMDI) team is pleased to inform you that we will be holding a side event dedicated to the role of local actors on M&D, with particular emphasis on local authorities, during the Civil Society days of the Global Forum on Migration and Development organized this year in Stockholm, Sweden. It is the sixth time that the JMDI is actively participating and contributing to the GFMD. Since the last one held in 2012, the JMDI Team has closely coordinated with the organizers of the forum (the International Catholic Migration Commission and the Swedish government) for bringing local authorities’ voices within the GFMD, in line with the focus and objectives of the JMDI.

‘Local Authorities: the missing link to harness the potential of migration for development’

Hosted by the Joint Migration and Development Initiative
13th May 2014
12:30 – 13:30 PM

Münchenbryggeriet Conference Center
Room: Fogelströmrummet

The side-event entitled ‘Local authorities: the missing link to harness the potential of migration for development’ aims at strenghtening the dialogue between local governments and civil society actors with a view to establish meaningful partnerships. A panel of six speakers including representatives from local governements, civil society organizations from across regions, and from the European Commission and the United Nations will share their experiences and visions. Please find attached to this email a short discription of the objectives and expected outcomes of the event.

The session aims to highlight good examples of institutionalized models that have established fruitful partnerships between local governments and civil society, including migrant associations. It seeks to share concrete local initiatives from various territories, showcase projects that have shaped local public policy on M&D and highlight best practices that reach sustainable development impact at the territorial level.

– Mr.Gustavo Baroja, Prefect of the Provincial Government of Pichincha, Ecuador
– Ms.Hélène Bourgade, Head of Unit, Employment, Social Inclusion, Migration, European Commission
– Mr.Frans Bouwen, Director of External Relations, The Hague Process, Netherlands
– Mr.Miquel Esteve, Commissioner for Migration and Interculturality, City of Barcelona, Spain
– Mr.Alex Mejia, Head of the CIFAL Training Centre Network, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)
– Ms.Aileen Constantino Penas, Deputy Director, Athika Workers and Communities Initiative, Philippines
– Moderated by Ms.Cécile Riallant, Programme Manager, Joint Migration and Development Initiative

The JMDI side-event represents an ideal lead up to the Common Space of the GFMD on 14th May, where governments and civil society will be jointly exchanging their views and experiences. Local actors will be key note speakers during the Common Space, asserting the growing interest over local authorities’ role in promoting the M&D nexus.

We cordially invite those M4D Net members who will participate at the Civil Society Days to join us and stir the discussions with your own experiences. In the event you will not be present at this year’s GFMD, please kindly share this email with your colleagues and friends who will participate. Last but not least, please feel free to send us any comments that you may want us to address during the side event (jmdi.pmu@undp.org).

We are looking forward to welcoming you at this side event and thank all of for your continuous support!

The JMDI Team
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