Dear Colleagues and Researchers,

We are excited to invite you to submit your research papers for the Journal of Intercultural Communication's Open Access section dedicated to Public Administration. Our journal provides a platform for scholars, researchers, and practitioners to contribute to the field of intercultural communication within the context of public administration. We welcome original research articles, reviews, and case studies exploring various facets of intercultural communication in public administration.

Recommended Topics: We encourage submissions related to intercultural communication in public administration on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion in Public Administration: Exploring strategies, challenges, and successes in promoting diversity and inclusion within government agencies and organizations.

  2. Cross-Cultural Leadership and Management: Examining effective leadership and management approaches in culturally diverse public sector environments.

  3. Communication Strategies in Multicultural Settings: Analyzing communication techniques and tools that foster effective intercultural interactions among public administration professionals.

  4. Interactions with Minority and Underrepresented Communities: Investigating communication strategies for building trust and collaboration with minority and underrepresented groups in public policy and governance.

  5. Intercultural Competence Training: Evaluating the impact and effectiveness of intercultural competence training programs for public servants.

  6. Globalization and Public Administration: Discussing the implications of globalization on public administration and the role of intercultural communication.

  7. Language and Communication in Public Services: Examining language policies and their impact on public services, including healthcare, education, and social services.

Why Publish with JIC?

  • Open Access: All articles published in the JIC are freely accessible to a global audience, ensuring the widest possible readership for your research.
  • Rigorous Peer Review: Our dedicated team of experts conducts a thorough peer-review process to ensure the quality and credibility of published work.
  • Interdisciplinary Focus: We welcome submissions from various disciplines to encourage diverse perspectives and insights.
  • Relevance: The Public Administration Section section seeks contributions that address the intersection of intercultural communication.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Manuscripts should adhere to the JICC Author guidelines available on our website. 
  • All submissions must be original and previously unpublished.
  • Submit your manuscript through our online submission system on the JICC website.

We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions to the Public Administration section of the Journal of Intercultural Communication. By publishing with us, you will be contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field and making your research accessible to a global audience.

Should you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact our editorial team at

Thank you for considering the Journal of Intercultural Communication as the platform for your research. We eagerly anticipate your submissions and the opportunity to collaborate with you.


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