Journal of Intercultural Communication, issue 8, January 2005

Nataliya Berbyuk, Jens Allwood and Charlotte Edebäck

Being a Non-Swedish Physician in Sweden: A Comparison of the Views on Work Related Communication of Non-Swedish Physicians and Swedish Health Care Personnel


Sweden is rapidly changing from being a monocultural to a multicultural society. The effects of this process can also be seen in health care which has, up till now, been one of the most ethnically and gender segregated working places, compared to the industrial sector. Increasing multiculturality places the issue of intercultural communication on top of the agenda for Swedish society in general and for the health care sector in particular.

This article is based on the results of two interrelated questionnaires, one directed at non-Swedish physicians, a relatively new but rapidly growing group in Swedish heath care, and one directed at Swedish health care personnel, a traditionally ethnically homogeneous group. The respondentsí answers have been summarised and compared in order to get a comprehensive picture of intercultural communication in Swedish health care.

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