Journal of Intercultural Communication, issue 16, April 2008

Jelena Durovic

Intercultural Communication and Ethnic Identity


This study’s main objective was to identify reactions triggered when individuals partaking in an intercultural communication interaction believe that there is a discrepancy between the way they identify themselves ethnically and the way they are perceived. In addition, I examined how their reactions can influence the interactions in question.
The study showed that reactions caused by perceived misconceptions of one’s ethnic identity are context-dependent. While evaluations of the counterpart’s attitude are of importance (whether it’s positive, neutral, or negative) the reactions are also influenced by circumstances such as one’s former experiences with the problem, language skills, and the nature of the relationship with the other party involved. The course of the interaction is, among other things, affected by the counterparts’ personality and their response to being reprimanded.

Keywords: perceived ethnic identity, stereotypes, prejudice

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