Journal of Intercultural Communication, issue 13, March 2007

Carolin Fuchs

Student Language Teachers as Intercultural Learners in CMC-Based Project Work.


This paper emerged from a larger study and analyzes the reflections of a transatlantic group of future language teachers who communicated with each other via the bulletin board and chat functions of FirstClass® to design a joint website module. The author employs the Grounded Theory method and engages in action research in order to identify and analyze instances displaying cross-cultural engagement. Data triangulation entails email and chat transcripts, pre-course questionnaires, self-assessments, post-course interviews, post-course questionnaires, post-course questions, logs, voices from the classroom, and learning process statements. Findings indicate that the transatlantic group was faced primarily with difficulties regarding consensus finding, joint decision-making, and a lack of awareness regarding potential personal and professional benefits of the project.

Keywords: intercultural learning - computer-mediated communication (CMC) teacher education - model learning - negotiation

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