Journal of Intercultural Communication, issue 6, Februari 2003

Hans Gullestrup

The Complexity of Intercultural Communication in Cross-cultural Management


In this article an analytical frame model is presented, by means of which one can describe and understand the contents of important elements in an intercultural situation. The model accepts as fact that all individuals are affected by more than one culture at a time, even if by varying amounts, and introduces - for the purpose of being able to cope with this - the concepts of 'Cultural Categories' and 'Cultural Hierarchies'. In order to be able to describe and understand each of the involved cultures in a specific intercultural situation, three dimensions of culture are worked with: 'The Horizontal Cultural Dimension'; 'The Vertical Cultural Dimension' and 'The Cultural Dimension of Time'. These concepts, as well as the relations between them, are synthesized and illustrated in an analytical Model. Keywords. Analytical frame model, cultural categories, cultural hierarchies, horizontal and vertical cultural dimensions, cultural dimensions of time

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