Journal of Intercultural Communication, Issue 18, Oktober 2008

Haibin Dong

Ideology Complexity Model: Towards the soul-searching communication


In communication studies, ideology seems only legitimate in the critical perspective and discussed in a contested manner. However, ideology as an important and unavoidable dimension of cultural identity has profound influences on communication at all levels and in all contexts. The present study is an attempt to theorize about the ideological issues of intercultural communication in Ideology Complexity Model (ICM) based on the current research of cultural identity implied by a metaphorical model---Caltrop Matrix of Identity (CMI). Based on the brief application of a case of ideological conflict in a real-life intercultural setting, I discussed about the theoretical and practical implications of ideological considerations in intercultural communication scholarship.

Key words: Ideology, Identity, Intercultural Communication, Complexity, Caltrop Matrix of Identity

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