Journal of Intercultural Communication, Issue 22, January, 2010

Mustafa Emre Köksalan, Hamdi Serhat Guney & Kerem Rizvanoglu

World Wide Journey of the Needle: Cross-Cultural Web Radio Experience


This article examines cross-cultural web radio use of university students coming from strictly distinguishable countries (Turkey and the Netherlands) with respect to both cultural characteristics and the development of the radio cultures. Our research builds on a conceptual framework combining two interrelated variable sets: Cultural value orientations and the factors determining the formation of radio culture in these countries. The proposed conceptual framework is used to interpret the data derived from qualitative analysis that employs a multi-method approach based on a three-step procedure: pre-experience, experience and post-experience. As a result, this study concludes that despite some evident distinctive practices found at user experience level, the use and understanding of the web radio seems to be pressing towards a standardized listening practice characterized by customizable music box.

Key words: Culture, Web, Radio, Cultural Variables, Cross-cultural

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