Journal of Intercultural Communication, issue 17, June 2008

Claude-Hélène Mayer

Identity and health in transcultural mediation:The Model of Culture-Synergetic Transcultural Mediation and its Impacts


Over the past decades, interest in the field of conflict research has developed worldwide. A broad range of literature evaluates conflicts as stressors with negative health effects. Particularly in transcultural situations conflict parties experience stress due to the lack of transcultural understanding, differences in value-orientations and culture-specific attitude and behaviour. This article introduces the model of "Culture-Synergetic Transcultural Mediation" (CSTM), which is based on transformative mediation philosophy and promotes culture-synergetic processes in conflict situations. These processes aim at transforming personal, relationship-based, structural and cultural identities. They particularly integrate the concept of identity and salutogenesis as important aspects in conflict transformation. The article presents the dynamic interrelationship of CSTM, transcultural identities and salutogenetic aspects in transcultural conflict situations.

Keywords: transcultural mediation, conflict management, identity, sense of coherence, health, transcultural health improvement

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