Journal of Intercultural Communication, issue 1, 1999

Sasho Ognenovski

Paralinguism in the Theatre and the International Theatre Festivals
(with the special review on the Macedonian theatre paralinguism)


The paralingual structure of the theatrical concepts,particulary those of the postmodernist trends,successfully break the linguistic barriers in the communication of the theatrical play - spectator - recipient in the art of thetre.I would say that the international theatre festivals who are treated assuch in their programs,in their own way,manage to maintain complete communication between the artistic forms on several culture structures taking into account that paralinguistic which is particulary present in this form of performances is in close relation to the roots of the national identity of a nation.Transfused into artistic work through the international festivals this form of artistic performance opens a complex streams of communications which imply to dialoge whose finite consequence is the similarity in the manner of thinking and living of different civilizations,and of course,the polemical parts which are not excluded.

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