Journal of Intercultural Communication, issue 15, November 2007

Hubert Korzilius, Andreu van Hooft, & Brigitte Planken,

A Longitudinal study on intercultural awareness and Foreign Language acquisition in the Netherlands


In a longitudinal study we assessed the effect of a four-year International Business Communication program at a university in the Netherlands on studentsí intercultural awareness and foreign language acquisition. In pre-test and post-test a measurement instrument featuring everyday (monocultural and intercultural) dialogues involving business associates was used to assess intercultural awareness in a group of 39 students. In addition, self-assessments of studentsí mastery of foreign language and interest in other cultures were collected on both occasions. The results indicate that studentsí mastery of the foreign languages English and Spanish had increased. However, there was little evidence to indicate an effect of the teaching program on the development of studentsí intercultural awareness.

Keywords: effect study, intercultural communicative competence, intercultural awareness, foreign language acquisition

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