Journal of Intercultural Communication, Issue 19, Januari 2009

Raquel Segovia

Transfer phenomena and intercultural movements of texts


The complexity of contemporary international communication requires an analysis of the transfer phenomena occurring within it. This paper addresses the subject from the perspective of cultural approaches to translation by adopting the concept modes of discursive transfer, which refers to any form of text processing that can be produced within and/or across cultures and media (translation, summary, adaptation for children, comic strip or film, etc.). To illustrate the transformations that textual material can undergo, I draw on the well-known example of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and its discursive multiplication within the book industry. Focusing more specifically on cover illustrations and plot summary, I adopt a cross-cultural perspective and present a comparison and contrast of the English, US, and Spanish editions.

Key words: Translation studies, transfer theory, multimodal analysis, publishing strategies, intercultural narrative.

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