Journal of Intercultural Communication, issue 13, March 2007

Loretta Ya-Wen Teng

Collaborating and Communicating Online: A Cross-Bordered Intercultural Project between Taiwan and the U.S.


This study explored the collaborative process of an online cross-cultural communication project between Taiwan and the U.S. The behaviors of the cross-cultural teams were analyzed and compared. The results indicated that the U.S. participants enjoyed interacting with their group members more, had developed a better sense of community, and were more comfortable with online communication. However, more of the U.S. participants lurked online. It was recommended that a modified web-based cultural and language exchange project be coordinated to accommodate the Taiwanese participantsí desire in learning English. Besides, cross-bordered teams should be informed of the proper online collaborative and communication skills.

Key words: online collaboration, cross-cultural communication, cross-bordered collaboration

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