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The Journal of Intercultural Communication

Issue 54, November 2020 | [PDF]

Mingsheng Li, Stephen Croucher & Min Wang - Re-entry Cultural Adaptation of Foreign-Educated Academics at Chinese Universities | 1 - 16 | [HTML] [PDF]

Benedanakenn Jenvdhanaken & Nunghatai Rangponsumrit - Intercultural communication in the Spanish language classroom in Thailand: Differences in Power Distance, Individualism and Expressiveness | 17 - 30 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Ludmila Sokolskaya & Arturas Valentonis - Тhe History of the Acculturation Concept | 31 - 43 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Val Colic-Peisker, Nigar G. Khawaja & Aparna Hebbani - Parent-child Engagement and Dissonance in Refugee Families Resettling in Brisbane, Australia | 44 - 58 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Kate Torkington, Filipa Perdigão Ribeiro & Laura López Romero - The Role of Locally-produced Foreign-language Media in the Migration Experiences of Lifestyle Migrants in the Algarve | 59 - 73 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Madiha Hashmi & Moniza Waheed - Discerning Goodness via Nonverbal Cues: Perspectives from High-Context Cultures | 74 - 88 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Atsuko Tasaki - Role of Japanese in English-medium Instruction Programs at Japanese Universities: Toward the Globalization of Education that Values Diversity | 89-105 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Issue 53, July 2020 | [PDF]

Abdul-Razak Kuyini Alhassan, Muhammed Abdulai & Hadi Ibrahim - Communication and Social Interaction across Cultures: The Case of a German and Ghanaian Educational Exchange Program | 1 - 15 | [HTML] | [ PDF]

Jim Johnson & Daniel Spellman - Three Peoples Divided by a Common Language: Cultural Pitfalls in International Negotiations Between the United States and the United Kingdom and Ireland | 16 - 30 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Sharaf Rehman & Joanna Dzionek-Kozłowska - The Chinese and American Students and the Trolley Problem: A Cross-cultural Study | 31 - 41 | [HTML] | PDF]

Jessica R. Boll - Selling Spain: Tourism, Tensions, and Islam in Iberia | 42 - 55 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Eva Maria Luef - North American Academics in East Asia: Life in the English-speaking Enclave | 56 - 71 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Remart Dumlao & Wantakan Pitichanoknan - “Glocalization” and Intercultural Representation in Filipino TV Commercials: A Multidimensional Discourse Analysis | 72 - 88 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Vanessa Wijngaarden - Intercultural Communication in Research Interviews: Accessing Information from Research Participants from Another Culture | 89-101 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Issue 52, March 2020 | [PDF]

Joy Christine Lwanga-Lumu - Intercultural Communicative Component (ICC) in the English Second Language (EL2) Curricula: Trends and Challenges of Transformation in South Africa (SA) and the Global World | 1 - 16 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Lesia Ponomarenko - Migrant Crisis in European Multilingual Media: Identity Construction across Languages | 17 - 31 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Nina Gjoci & Erjon Gjoci - Exploring Intercultural Competence at the Macro and Micro Scale: A Case Study from Albanian University Students | 32 - 51 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Nolan Brinkman & Laura Jacobi - The Projection of Racial Identity on Social Network | 52 - 64 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Christine Loy - Research Perspectives on International Students | 65 - 75 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Tomasz Róg, Zofia Moros-Pałys, Aleksandra Wróbel & Marta Książek-Róg - Intercultural Competence and L2 Acquisition in the Study Abroad Context | 76 - 91 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Jonas Stier & Margareta Sandström - Managing the Symbolic Power of Halal Meat in Swedish Preschools: Food for Thought in Discussions on Diversity | 92-106 | [HTML] | [PDF]

Issue 51, November 2019

José Aldemar Álvarez Valencia & Damien Le Gal - Colombians’ Sociocultural Representations of French and U.S. Citizens - Delving into Intercultural Perceptions

Maryam Farnia, George Ypsilandis & Bahareh Ghasempour - Intracultural Iranian Persuasion - The Case of Scholarship Application Letters

Huan Chen, Hoyoung Anthony Ahn & Ronald E. Taylor - Constant Learning, Reflecting, and Adjusting - Experiences of Asian Scholars in U. S. Advertising Education

Karomani, Tina Kartika & Nusyirwan - Perceptions of Ethnic Groups in Bakauheni Sub-District, South Lampung Regency, Indonesia

Layla Al Saqer - Towards a theoretical framework of intercultural communication ethics in the Arab Gulf culture - The perspectives of global public relations practitioners in Bahrain

Manvender Kaur Sarjit Singh, Mohan Rathakrishnan & Rohaya Md Ali - Bridging Higher Education and Industrial Needs - Here Comes the Specialist!

Nilgün Yücel & Aysun Yavuz - Rethinking Intercultural Training In Teacher Training

Issue 50, July 2019

Charaf Ahmimed and Sofia Quesada-Montano - Intercultural dialogue - A tool for young people to address exclusion in southern Africa

Stephen M Croucher, Elvis Nshom, Diyako Rahmani & Cheng Zeng - Social Desirability Bias among Prejudice Instruments - An Integrated Threat

Joshua Gukiina, Joseph Mpeera Ntayi, Waswa Balunywa & Augustine Ahiauzu - Intercultural Sensitivity and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour of Uganda Hotels’ Staff

Jung-Soo Yi - In-group and out-group perspectives - A cross-cultural comparison of four countries

Stewart Nield - The Mismeasure of Culture - Self-Report Questionnaires and Positivist Analysis in Intercultural Communication Research

Amos Owen Thomas - Visual Vernaculars Across Emerging Markets - Inter-Cultural Perception of Global Advertising

Agus Wijayanto - Refusals in Javanese and English - A comparative study of saying ‘no’ in two different cultures

Issue 49, March 2019

Syarizan Dalib, Minah Harun, Norhafezah Yusof & Mohd Khairie Ahmad - Connecting with culturally diverse others - The case of Malaysian students’ social interactions on campus

Ganfu Yang - Problematic encounters between Chinese nationals and black South Africans in the building industry in Johannesburg, South Africa - An intercultural communication analysis

Linda Jean Kenix - Exploring national culture through international media - The publication of a viral pro-LGBT image compared against a nation’s wealth, level of religion, and democracy

Mayra Rodriguez Ruiz & Neusa Olinda Varela Spínola - Improving the Intercultural Communicative Competence of English Language Students

Milica Savić - Relational practices in Norwegian students’ e-mail requests in English - A focus on openings and closings

Santa Stopniece - Language as a site of search for common ground and power positioning in Chinese-Finnish negotiation

Yachao Li & Jennifer A. Samp - Communication Efficacy as a Mechanism for the Chilling Effect on Complaint Avoidance - A Cross-cultural Comparison of American and Chinese Romantic Relationships

Issue 48, November 2018

Ghada Awada & Nuwar Mawlawi Diab - Blog and Intercultural Grouping Effect on Learners’ Perceptions of Intercultural Communication Projects

Agnes W. Muchura-Theuri & Jared Obuya - ‘They wouldn’t allow me in their conversations’ - Communication experiences of immigrant traders in a Kenyan informal market

Toluwani Oloke & Sarab Kochhar - The African Union Commission’s Multinational Ebola Campaign Informed by and against the Decision-Making Model for Localization

Jonas Stier & Margareta Sandström - Managing the unmanageable: curriculum challenges and teacher strategies in multicultural preschools in Sweden

Albert Agbesi Wornyo and Ernest Kwesi Klu - Teaching Academic Writing Skills using Intercultural Rhetoric Approach - The Criticisms and Intercultural Communication

Ferat Yılmaz, Hanifi Şekerci and M. Cihangir Doğan - Empathic Tendency, Majority Culture Representation, and Political Conservatism as Predictors of Intercultural Sensitivity

Cheng Zeng, Yanzhe Tang, Diyako Rahmani, Stephen M Croucher, & Leona K Gilbert - The sculpture of tick-borne disease media coverage in the United States and China

Issue 47, July 2018

Viv Edwards & Dr Ye - A sociological exploration of the impact of study abroad on international PhD students’ self-identity

Manachai Inkaew - Hegemonism in Thai Country Music - A Lesson-Learned Implication in Intercultural Communication

Jung-Soo Yi - Revisiting Individualism-Collectivism - A Cross-Cultural Comparison among College Students in Four Countries

Pilar Medina-Bravo, Miquel Rodrigo-Alsina and Frederic Guerrero-Solé - Audience Contradictions in the Negotiation of Controversial Cultural Media Content - The Case of Muslim Women Journalists in Niqab

Laura Motel and Brittnie Peck - SexIER Symbols - Examining the Effects of a Content Analysis of Gendered Visual Imagery in Cross Cultural Road Signs

Abdul Qahar Sarwari, Mohammad Nubli Wahab, Mohammad Hilmi Mat Said & Noor Ashikin Abdul Aziz - Assessment of the Characteristics of Interpersonal Communication Competence among Postgraduate Students from Different Cultures

Tingting Shen & Stephen M Croucher - A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Teacher Confirmation and Student Motivation in China, Korea, and Japan

Issue 46, March 2018

Mustafa Zülküf Altan - Intercultural Sensitivity - A Study of Pre-service English Language Teachers

Clark Callahan, Thomas Robinson & Kari-Ann Trachmann - Migrant Perceptions of Social Media

Maryam Farnia & Elham Yazdani - Politeness Strategies in Remindings - A Cross-cultural Study of Iranian EFL learners and Americans

Franco Vaccarino and Mingsheng Li - Intercultural communication training to support internationalisation in higher education

Jelena Vuksanovic - ESL Learners’ Intercultural Competence, L2 Attitudes and WEB 2.0 use in American Culture

Jenny Yau-ni Wan - Functions of Frequently Used Back Channels in a Corpus of Intercultural Conversations between Hong Kong Chinese (HKC) and native English Speakers (NES)

Pin-Hsiang Natalie Wu & Michael W. Marek - Developing Intercultural Competence via Social Media Engagement in a Language Learning Framework

Issue 45, November 2017

Anuradha Bhattacharjee - Impact of “Cultural Imperialism” on Advertising and Marketing

Gilad Greenwald and Sam Lehman-Wilzig - "He Will Take Care of our Security Better than Her" - Examining Socio-Cultural Conceptions of Gender in Israeli and American Press Coverage of Female Candidates for Top Political Positions, 2008-2009

Daniel H. Mansson and Stephen Croucher - American and Finnish College Students’ Traits and Interactions with Their Instructors

Olga V. Nikolaeva, Chen Shumei & Maria Panina - “Chinese Proverbs in Chinese Media in English - Intercultural Communication Perspective

Marcel Pikhart & Andrea Koblizkova - The Central Role of Politeness in Business Communication - The Appropriateness Principle as the Way to Enhance Business Communication Efficiency

Miriam Sobre-Denton - Multicultural third culture building - A case study of a multicultural social support group

Michał Wilczewski, Arkadiusz Gut & Oleg Gorbaniuk - The impact of individualism-collectivism orientation and communal orientation on employees’ attitudes toward intercultural communication - The case of Chinese employees in an MNC

Issue 44, July 2017

Claudia Borghetti - Is there really a need for assessing intercultural competence? Some ethical issues

María Calzada-Pérez - The Impact of Symbolic Culture on the Understanding of Visual Figuration in a Cross-Cultural Environment

Agnieszka Dudek - A Monolithic “Dead End” or a “Hybrid Exit”? Cultural Hybrids Facing National Image Construction & Their Role in the History of Intercultural Communication

Erla S. Kristjansdottir & Thora Christiansen - “ have to face the fact that you're a foreigner” - Immigrants’ Lived Experience of Communication and Negotiation Position Toward their Employer in Iceland

Eva Lambertsson Björk, Jutta Eschenbach and Lynette Webb - Reel Life Methodology - Developing intercultural competence through film fragments and dialogue in South Africa

María Ángeles Orts Llopis - Terror at home: on the rhetoric of domestic violence legislation in the United Kingdom and Spain

Santa Stopniece - “The Chinese Will Not Change; We Have To Change” - Adjustment of the Finns to the Chinese in a Chinese Investment Facilitation Context

Issue 43, March 2017

Daniel Chornet and Bracey Parr - Speech Codes Theory Applied to Problematic Situations in Intercultural Communication - A Six-Step Iterative Training Cycle

Arkadiusz Gut, Michał Wilczewski and Oleg Gorbaniuk - Cultural Differences, Stereotypes and Communication Needs in Intercultural Communication in a Global Multicultural Environment - The Employees’ Perspective

Iben Jensen, Heidi Hautopp, Lene Nielsen and Sabine Madsen - Developing International Personas - A new intercultural communication practice in globalized societies

Henry Amo Mensah - Foregrounding Hybridity as a Master Trope in the Globalisation Discourses - The Case of the Advertising Space of Lesotho

Diyako Rahmani and Stephen M. Croucher - Minority Groups and Communication Apprehension - An investigation of Kurdistan

Tomasz Róg - Cultural Noticing, Language Learning, and Sources of Tension During a Study Abroad Experience - Activity Systems Analysis

Ariadna Strugielska & Katarzyna Piątkowska - Turning Constructionist Intercultural Communicative Competence and Complex Systems Theory into Praxis

Issue 42, November 2016

Pimnapa Atsawintarangkun & Takaya Yuizono - Investigating Communication Styles in Text-based CMC Using a Classification of Intention - A Comparison of Same-Culture and Different-Cultures Context

Liudmyla Beraud - Language use in Norwegian-Ukrainian multilingual couples

Judit Dombi - A study on advanced EFL learners’ intercultural encounters

Kjetil Fretheim - Listening to the Other - Intercultural communication in times of crisis

Somayeh Mortazavi Ganji Ketab, Ezhar Bin Tamam, Jusang Bin Bolong & Saeed Pahlevan Sharif - Interethnic bridging social capital and the significance of ethnocentric interethnic interaction within Malaysian universities

Kara Rader, Kimberly A. Neuendorf & Paul D. Skalski - International Film and Audio-Visual Translation - Intercultural Experience as Moderator in Audience Recall and Enjoyment

Lin Zhu - A Comparative Look at Chinese and American Stereotypes - A focus group Study

Issue 41, July 2016

Muhammed Abdulai and Hadi Ibrahim - Merging Cultures in International Mergers and Acquisition - A Case Study of Lenovo’s Acquisition of IBM PC Division

Abe Ata - How Muslim Students Perceive Australia and Australians - A National Survey

Paola Cinquina - Performing Intercultural Dialogue on the Stage - Art and intercultural education

Flora Galy-Badenas and Stephen M. Croucher - Men and women in positions of responsibility - A qualitative analysis of organizational readiness in France and Finland

Claude-Hélène Mayer, Rian Viviers, Aden-Paul Flotman and Detlef Schneider-Stengel - Developing Senior Eccleasiastical Professionals’ Emotional and Cultural Intelligence - A Longitudinal Preliminary Case Study Research Investigation

Laura Motel - Sex Symbols - A Pilot Study Examining the Effects of a Content Analysis of Gendered Visual Imagery in Cross Cultural Road Signs

Lovie Edwin Seru - Dits waar (it is true) - An Analysis of the Communication among Construction Workers at Mabapi Estates

Issue 40, March 2016

Nittaya Campbell - Ethnocentrism and intercultural willingness to communicate - A study of New Zealand management students

Stephen Croucher, Diyako Rahmani, Kari Sakkinen & Dale Hample - Communication Apprehension, Self-Perceived Communication Competence, and Willingness to Communication in Singapore

Qiaolei Jiang, Rajiv George Aricat, Arul Chib, Alvin Chia, Sie Mun Tan, Lisa Tan, and Zhen Wei Woo - Silent but Brewing - Reactive Ethnicity and Interculturality among Chinese Students in Singapore

Junko Kobayashi & Linda Viswat - Negotiation Strategies Employed in Difficult Situations - Focus on Japanese and American University Students

Miquel Rodrigo-Alsina and Pilar Medina-Bravo - A Reflection on Identities, Culture Models and Power

Kristin Rygg - Was Malinowski Norwegian? Norwegian Interpretations of Phatic Talk

Hanna Skorczynska Sznajder & Rosa Giménez-Moreno - Variation in Letters to Shareholders from British, Polish and Spanish Companies - A Comparative Study

Issue 39, November 2015

Diler Aba - Towards an Intercultural Communication Competence Tool for Academic Mobility Purposes

Dominic Busch - Culture is leaving conversation analysis, but is it really gone? The analysis of culturalist performances in conversation

Ingrid Hanssen - Dementia, Communication and Culture - Implications of linguistic and cultural diversity in intercultural dementia care

Andréa Machado de Almeida Mattos - Third Space - Narratives and the clash of identities in Disney’s Brother Bear

Kelsi and Keri Matwick - East Meets West - The Discourse of Japanese American Cookbooks as Intercultural Communication

Rebecca Merkin - The Relationship between Individualism / Collectivism - Consultation and Harmony Needs

Sonia Oliver - English as a Lingua Franca in Public Health Care Services - The Spanish Challenge

Issue 38, July 2015

Cecilia Brassier-Rodrigues - How Do American, Chinese and French Students Characterize their Teachers’ Communication?

Stephen M. Croucher, Mélodine Sommier, Diyako Rahmani, & Juliane Appenrodt - A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Communication Apprehension - A Comparison of Three European Nations

Evelyn Doman - Intercultural Communication as Revealed in Language Learning Histories

Esko Johnson, Heeok Heo, Klaus Reich, Irja Leppisaari & Okwha Lee - Exploring exchange students’ global minds in a study abroad project

Bessie Lawton, Meghan Mahoney & Lukas Pelliccio - A comparative study of the utility of new media technologies and power distance in doctor-patient communication in the Philippines and the United States

Maarten Rikken - Campaigning and Mass Self-Communication

Kristin Rygg - Japanese and Norwegian Metapragmatic Perceptions of Contextual Factors in Intercultural Business Communication

Issue 37, March 2015

Maryam Farnia & Hiba Qusay Abdul Sattar - A Cross-Cultural Study of Iranians’ and Malays’ Expressions of Gratitude

Francis Haran - Leaders and Followers - European Pre-understanding and Prejudice in the Greek Financial Crisis

Sally O. Hastings - Sensual Shock - Promoting the Study of Sentience in Theorizing Culture Shock

Adeleh Heidari & Azizollah Dabaghi - Cross-cultural Metaphor Awareness as a Key component in Intercultural Communication Competence

Phyllis Ngai - The Impact of Teachers’ Communication Approach on Children’s Co-Cultural Adaptation

Tatiana M. Permyakova - The Image of Russian Business through Linguistic Stereotypical Means

Ruth Wong - Impact of Overseas Immersion Homestay Experience on Linguistic Confidence and Intercultural Communication Strategies

Issue 36, November 2014

Øyvind Dahl - Is Culture Something We Have or Something We Do? - From Descriptive Essentialist to Dynamic Intercultural Constructivist Communication

Francisco Miguel Ivorra Pérez - Cultural Values and Digital Discourse - An Intercultural Communication Approach to the Transactional Discourse of Spanish and US Sales Websites

Eva Lambertsson Björk, Jutta Eschenbach - Reel Life - Film as a tool for intercultural dialogue in the classroom and beyond

Liang Morita - Factors contributing to low levels of intercultural interaction between Japanese and international students in Japan

Prikhodko Maria - Reflective Journaling - Exploring EFL Students' Ethnocentric Perspectives through Cultural Self-inquiry

Mai Nguyen-Phuong-Mai, Cees Terlouw & Albert Pilot - Revisiting Facework with a new analysis instrument - Face strategies and face negotiation in intercultural communication

Issue 35, July 2014

Lily A. Arasaratnam - Ten Years of Research in Intercultural Communication Competence (2003 – 2013): A Retrospective

Paolo E. Balboni & Fabio Caon - A Performance-oriented Model of Intercultural Communicative Competence

Hsin-I Cheng - In the Eyes of the Chinese - Affective Construction of Cultural Identity

Stephen M. Croucher, Flora Galy-Badenas, & Maria Ruotsalainen - Host Culture Acceptance, Religiosity, and the Threat of Muslim Immigration - An Integrated Threat Analysis in Spain

Elena Pruvli - Business Communication of a Persuasive Nature - Style Adaptation and Effectiveness during Intercultural Interactions

Deborah Clark Vance - Toward Self Reliant Communities - A Cultural Comparison of Disaster Response in Thailand, Guyana and the United States

Issue 34, March 2014

Zahra Amirian & Salma Soleymani Dameneh - Microstrategies Employed for Translation of English Humor Subtitled into Persian: A Case Study of The Simpsons Movie

Adeleh Heidari, Saeed Ketabi & Rezvan Zonoobi - The Role of Culture Through the Eyes of Different Approaches to and Methods of Foreign Language Teaching

Junko Kobayashi and Linda Viswat - 3-D Negotiation in a Business Context - Negotiation between Japanese and Americans

Larry Powell, Jonathan Amsbary & Mark Hickson - The Wai in Thai Culture - Greeting, Status-Marking and National Identity Functions

Fuyu Shimomura - Japanese Returnees’ Reentry Cultural Struggles - Differences and Commonalities in the Research Findings Over Time

Xizhen Qin - Exploring the Impact of Culture in Five Communicative Elements - Case of Intercultural Misunderstandings between Chinese and American

Issue 33, November 2013

Zahra Amirian & Zahra Sharia'ti - Cultural Adaptation in IRIB’s Dubbing - The case of “Due South” series, episode 65

Jesús Bermejo Berros & Esther Martínez Pastor - Effects of ethnic presence in the commercial and public service advertising - Perception and attitudes on national non-immigrant population in Spain

Jonathan David Brown - On the Way to Effective Team Teaching - A model of ICC development within the context of team teaching in Japan

Federico Farini - Interpreting and Intercultural Mediation in Italian Healthcare Settings

Leigh Anne Howard - Connecting the World to the Word - Living Newspapers and Intercultural Communication Pedagogy

Pipsa Purhonen & Tarja Valkonen - Measuring Interpersonal Communication Competence in SME Internationalization

Françoise Ugochukwu - Nollywood across Languages - Issues in Dubbing and Subtitling

Issue 32, July 2013

Rula Fahmi Bataineh - On Congratulating, Thanking, and Apologizing in Jordanian Arabic and American English

Yanrong (Yvonne) Chang - Never Mind? - Mindfulness and Competent Intercultural Interaction

Stephen M. Croucher, Dini Homsey, Erin Brusch, Christine Buyce, Shirley DeSilva, & Aretha Thompson - Prejudice toward American Muslims: An Integrated Threat Analysis

Niina Valtaranta - ‘You do not just translate your thought into another language - you translate the whole issue into that culture’: Intercultural understanding in the experience world of Finnish technical professionals

Jie Xu - Public Attitudes toward Globalization in East Asia: Findings from a Cross-National Survey

Eunkyong Lee Yook - An Exploratory Test of the Effects of Computer-assisted Intercultural Training: A Possible Means for Reducing Ethnic Conflict?

Rong Zhang & Dennis C. McCornac - Intercultural Awareness via Improvements in Intercultural Communication: The Need for Change in Japan

Issue 31, Mars 2013

Kjetil Fretheim - Empire and Ethics: Towards a Normative Theory of Intercultural Communication

Hyun-Hee Heo & Min-Sun Kim - Outcome-Oriented and Process-Oriented Frameworks on Biculturalism

Perry Hinton - The Cultural Context and Social Representation: The Japanese Schoolgirl in British Popular Culture

Ali Karakaş - Intercultural Attitudes of Turkish Students Studying in a UK University

Malgorzata Lahti & Maarit Valo - The Development of Intercultural Relationships at Work: Polish Migrant Workers in Finland

Dorian Soru, Valentina Schiavinato, Mohammed Khalid Rhazzali & Antonio Aiello - “We were like them” - Intersecting Identities and Mediators' Intercultural Communication in a Municipal Service

Stacey Wilson-Forsberg - Budding Multiculturalism or Veiled Indifference? - Inter-Group Contact Among Immigrant and Native-Born Adolescents in Small-Town Canada

Issue 30, November 2012

Huan Chen & Ron Taylor - Message Strategies of Chinese Award-Winning Print Advertisements: A Longitudinal Analysis Using Taylor’s Six-Segment Message Strategy Wheel

Kenneth C. C. Kong - Globalised or Glocalized? A comparison of the linguistic features and actor representation of global news headlines in The Sun and Oriental Daily

Donata Lisaitė - Professional Mobility: Experiences of Mobile Medical Professionals

Claude-Hélène Mayer & Lynette Louw - Managerial Values in Transcultural Conflicts in South Africa: Findings from the Schwartz-Value-Model

Liang Morita - English and Intercultural Interaction in the Internationalisation of a Japanese University

Samuel Muwanguzi & George W. Musambira - Communication Experiences of Ugandan Immigrants during Acculturation to the United States: A Preliminary Study

Anna S. Songe-Møller & Karin Brunvathne Bjerkestrand - Empowerment of Citizens in a Multicultural Society

Issue 29, August 2012

Óscar García Agustín - Intercultural dialogue: Visions of the Council of Europe and the European Commission for a Post-Multiculturalist Era

Kirsten Jæger - Adopting a Critical Intercultural Communication Approach to Understanding Health Professionals’ Encounter with Ethnic Minority Patients

Jihyun Kim & Renée A. Meyers - Cultural Differences in Conflict Management Styles in East and West Organizations: Employing Holism as a Cultural Theoretical Frame to Investigate South Korean and U.S. Employee Conflict Management Styles

Patricia von Münchow - Cross-Cultural Discourse Analysis and Intercultural Education in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

Anthony Steel, Jude Butcher & Michael Bezzina - Face to Face Encounters: Education and Engagement for a Shared Humanity

Albin Wagener - Deconstructing Culture: Towards an Interactional Triad

Gillian Warner-Søderholm - But we’re not all Vikings! Intercultural Identity within a Nordic Context

Issue 28, March 2012

Artur Domurat & Anna Zajenkowska - Confucian and Protestant Work Ethics Among Polish and Korean Employees and Small Business Owners

Aparna Girish Hebbani, Levi Obijiofor & Helen Bristed - Acculturation challenges that confront Sudanese former refugees in Australia

Min Hou, Keith Simkin & Howard Nicholas - Has The Cat Got Your Tongue? Second Language Factors in Intercultural Difficulty Management

Yang-Soo Kim - Exploring Communication Competence and Psychological Health: A Study of Cross-cultural Adaptation among Young Korean Immigrants (1.5ers) in the U.S.

Renate Link - Interculturalised Japanese Logic and Values in the Aftermath of the March 2011 Crisis

Linda Viswat & Junko Kobayashi - Negotiation Styles - Similarities and Differences between American and Japanese University Students -

Eunkyong Yook - Teaching Intercultural Communication through Service Learning

Issue 27, November 2011

Live Drange Danbolt - The challenge of bilingualism in a multilingual society: The Bolivian Case

Edward Dutton - Towards a Scientific Model of Culture Shock and Intercultural Communication

Alan Dale Hansen   Kelly Miller Quintanilla - It’s like a Mexican Bingo

Ingrid Hanssen - A song of identity: Yoik as example of the importance of symbolic cultural expression in intercultural communication/health care

Liudmila Kirpitchenko - Academic Hyper-mobility and Cosmopolitan Dispositions

Dashia Magee & A.J. Meier - Science Education and Culture: Inquiry-Based Learning

Ehsan Shahghasemi, D. Ray Heisey   Goudarz Mirani - How do Iranians and U.S. Citizens Perceive Each Other: A systematic Review

Issue 26, July 2011

Junko Kobayashi & Linda Viswat - Intercultural Communication Competence in Business: Communication between Japanese and Americans

Mohamed Amin A. Mekheimer & Hamad S. Aldosari - Impediments to cultural teaching in EFL programmes at a Saudi University

Sonja Modesti - Looking at You Looking at Me: An Autoethnographic Account of a Tattooed Female and (Re)appropriation of the Tourist Gaze

Srividya Ramasubramanian - Television Exposure, Model Minority Portrayals, and Asian-American Stereotypes: An Exploratory Study

Saul Santos García & Karina Ivett Verdín Amaro - Health Service Provision in a Huichol Community in Mexico: an issue of Intercultural Communication

Masoud Raee Sharifabad & Sara Vali - A Comparative Study of Native and Non-native Body Language: The Case of Americans’ Kinesics vs. Persian English Speakers

Moniza Waheed, Andreas Schuck, Claes deVreese, Peter Neijens - More Different Than Similar: Values in Political Speeches of Leaders from Developed and Developing Countries

Issue 25, March 2011

Martin Andrew - Reshaping educational experience by volunteering in the community: Language learners in the real world

Anne Marie Bülow - Global corporate communication and the notion of legitimacy

Yanrong Chang - You Think I am Stupid? Face Needs in Intercultural Conflicts

Joanna Elizabeth Crossman - Experiential Learning About Intercultural Communication Through Intercultural Communication: Internationalising a Business Communication Curriculum

J. David González-Iglesias & Fernando Toda - Dubbing or Subtitling Interculturalism: Choices and Constraints

Iben Jensen & Bente Halkier - Rethinking Intercultural Network Communication as a Resource in Public Intercultural Health Communication

Alicia Mason, Kevin B. Wright & Jessica Bogard - Assessing Cultural Representations of Physician and Patient Imagery in Medical Tourism Websites

Issue 24, October 2010

Anne Bannink - West meets East: on the Necessity of local Pedagogies

Francis Haran - Telling the Truth about Culture: Intercultural Communication in Travel Writing

Jaya Nagpal & Elena Nicoladis - Running head: Minority language survival

Oktay Aktan & Arnd-Michael Nohl - International Trans-Editing: Typical Intercultural Communication Strategies at the BBC World Service Turkish Radio

Raul Reis - Uses of Mass Media for Adaptation Purposes: A Quantitative Study of Brazilian Immigrants in Los Angeles

Pavica Sheldon - Host communication competence and locus of control of international students in the United States

Jonas Stier - The blindspots and biases of intercultural communication studies: A discussion on episteme and doxa in a field

Issue 23, June 2010

Ingrid Hanssen & Lise-Merete Alpers - Interpreters in Intercultural Health Care Settings: Health professionals’ and professional interpreters’ cultural knowledge, and their reciprocal perception and collaboration

Hans Erik Näss - The Ambiguities of Intercultural Dialogue: Critical Perspectives on the European Union’s New Agenda for Culture

Iris Rittenhofer - Interview without a subject: The Russian doll question and cultural encounters

Penny Singh & Renitha Rampersad - Communication challenges in a multicultural learning environment

Mahin Tavakoli, Javad Hatami & Warren Thorngate - Changing Stereotypes in Iran and Canada Using Computer Mediated Communication

Dexin Tian - The Hegemonic Role of the United States in the U.S.-China Copyright Disputes

Mark Ward - Avatars and Sojourners: Explaining the Acculturation of Newcomers to Multiplayer Online Games as Cross-Cultural Adaptations

Issue 22, Januari 2010

Clark Callahan - Going Home: Deculturation Experiences in Cultural Reentry

Arve Gunnestad, Anne-Mari Larsen and Stella Nguluka - Resilience in Minorities

Janet Holmes & Nicky Riddiford - Professional and personal identity at work: achieving a synthesis through intercultural workplace talk

Rebecca Johnston - Chief Communications: Communication and Cultural Practices among Samoan Matais

Mustafa Emre Köksalan, Hamdi Serhat Guney & Kerem Rizvanoglu - World Wide Journey of the Needle: Cross-Cultural Web Radio Experience

Kawakib Momani, Muhammad A. Badarneh, Fathi Migdadi - Intertextual borrowings in ideologically competing discourses:The case of the Middle East

Aimei Yang - From "Silent Minority" to Collective Protests in Real Life: Tension, Resistance and Online Identity Discourse of Overseas Chinese

Issue 21, October 2009

Benjamin Breggin - Intercultural Language Trends at a Quadriethnic English-medium University in the Baltics

Howard Davis & Anna Sosnovskaya - Representations of otherness in Russian newspapers: the theme of migration as a counterpoint to Russian national identity

Kjetil Fretheim - Witnesses of Wealth.Development Workers, Intercultural Communication and Norwegian National Identity

Chris McVittie, Karen Goodall & Yvette Barr - "I’ve learned so much": befrienders’ experiences of befriending minority ethnic young people

Jonas Stier & Margareta Sandström Kjellin - Communicative challenges in multinational project work:Obstacles and tools for reaching common understandings

Xiaohong Wei - On Negative Cultural Transfer in Communication Between Chinese and Americans

Mahdi Yaghoobi - A critical discourse analysis of the selected Iranian and American printed media on the representations of Hizbullah-Israel war

Issue 20, Maj 2009

Lily A.Arasaratnam - The Development of a New Instrument of Intercultural Communication Competence

Richard Ellis - Understanding Interpersonal Relationships in the Chinese Context

Sabrina Fusari & Ilaria Montagni - Between English Humour and National Stereotypes – Translating Stephen Clarke’s Novel Merde Happens into Italian

Rebecca S.Merkin - Cross-cultural communication patterns: Korean and American Communication

Don Moen - Korean Hybridity: The Language Classroom as Cultural Hybrid

Harald Martin Olk - Translation, Cultural Knowledge and Intercultural Competence

Ying Wang, Shaojing Sun & Paul M.Haridakis - Internet use ad cross-cultural adaptation.Testing a Model of Internet Use in the Cross-Cultural Adaptation Context

Issue 19, Januari 2009

Justin Charlebois - Cross-Cultural Representations of Hegemonic Masculinity in Shall we Dance

Ulrike Meyer - Teaching cultural awareness in the intercultural classroom

Noparat Tananuraksakul - An Exploratory Investigation of Asian Students’ Sense of Dignity in a Non-native English Language Learning Context

Raquel Segovia - Transfer phenomena and intercultural movements of texts

Pavica Sheldon - Being ill in a foreign country: International students’ trust in American physicians

Tianbo Li & Gillian Owen Moreira - The Influence of Confucianism and Buddhism on Chinese Business

Issue 18, Oktober 2008

Henrik Bøhn - Acculturation and Identity in Adolescents in Norway

Haibin Dong - Ideology Complexity Model: Towards the soul-searching communication

Jim Harries - A Linguistic Case for the necessity of Enculturation in Theological and Economic Teaching based on the ‘Shape of Words’: including a case study comparing Sub-Saharan Africa with the West

Kay Kyeongju Seo & Paul Chamness Miller & Cynthia Schmidt & Patience Sowa - Creating Synergy between Collectivism and Individualism in Cyberspace: A Comparison of Online Communication Patterns between Hong Kong and U.S. Students

Cynthia Lee - The Cantonese apology style for personal offences in native and second languages in electronic communication

Pipsa Purhonen - The Cantonese apology style for personal offences in native and second languages in electronic communication

Linda Viswat & Junko Kobayashi - Cultural Differences in Conversational Strategies-Japanese and American University Students

Issue 17, June 2008

Natasa Bakic-Miric - Re-imaging Understanding of Intercultural Communication, Culture and Culturing

Ali S. Hasan and Volker Raddatz - Analysis of EFL elementary textbooks in Syria and Germany: cognitive, affective and procedural aspects in their inter-cultural context

Aladdin Al-Kharabsheh - Unintentional Humour in the Translation of Jordanian Shop Signs

Martina Maletzky - Expatriate Power – a counteractive factor of intercultural Learning?

Claude-Hélène Mayer - Identity and health in transcultural mediation: The Model of Culture-Synergetic Transcultural Mediation and its Impacts

Halvor Nordby - Values, Cultural Identity and Communication: A Perspective From Philosophy of Language

Gabriele Pallotti & Cecilia Varcasia - Service telephone call openings: a comparative study on five European languages

Issue 16, April 2008

Michael Agar - A Linguistics for Ethnography. Why Not Second Languaculture Learning and Translation?

Alexander Bischoff and Janine Dahinden - Dolmetschen, Vermitteln und Schlichten im vielsprachigen Basel. Umgang mit Diversität und Fremdsprachigkeit – Umfrage unter Leitungspersonen öffentlicher Institutionen

Nittaya Campbell - You’ve got mail! Using email technology to enhance intercultural communication learning

Jelena Durovic - Intercultural Communication and Ethnic Identity

Lai Siew Hoon & Kato Tomiko - Intercultural Communication in the Japanese Language Classroom in Singapore: A Comparison of Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions

Elza Ibroscheva & Jyotika Ramaprasad - Do media matter? A social construction model of stereotypes of foreigner

Hilda Llanqinao Trabol, Olga Rebolledo Piña & Claudio Briceño Olivera - Traditional Mapuche education. Contribution for an Intercultural Education

Issue 15, November 2007

Live Danbolt Drange - Power in Intercultural Education: "Education in Bolivia – from Oppression to Liberation"?

Edgar Hoffmann - The Image of Europe as Advertised in Russia

Yukiko Inoue - Cultural Fluency as a Guide to Effective Intercultural Communication: The Case of Japan and the U.S.

Hubert Korzilius, Andreu van Hooft, & Brigitte Planken - A Longitudinal study on intercultural awareness and Foreign Language acquisition in the Netherlands

Jakob Lauring - Obstacles to Innovative Interaction: Communication Management in Culturally Diverse Organizations

Ronald Schmidt-Fajlik - Introducing non-verbal communication to Japanese university students

Ping Yang - Nonverbal Affiliative Phenomena in Mandarin Chinese Conversation

Issue 14, June 2007

Antonella Elia - Fables and ICT: Intercultural Communication and E-Language Teaching.

Sabrina Fusari - The Discourse of Philanthropy in Italy and The United States: A Case Study of Interparadigmatic Translation.

Nabelah Haraty, Ahmad Oueini, Rima Bahous - Speaking to Domestics in Lebanon: Power Issues or Misguided Communication?

Sachi Horback & Cheryll Rothery-Jackson - Cultural Marginality: Exploration of Self-Esteem and Cross Cultural Adaptation of the Marginalized Individual: An investigation of the second generation Hare Krishnas .

Junko Kobayashi & Linda Viswat - An Exploratory Study of “Fairness” in Educational Settings —American and Japanese University Students—.

Kinga Williams - Rules and regulations: is culture-learning like language -acquisition?

Issue 13, March 2007

Christopher Coyne - Culture, Common Knowledge and Post-Conflict Reconstruction.

Carolin Fuchs - Student Language Teachers as Intercultural Learners in CMC-Based Project Work.

Jing Liu - Intercultural Communication in Letters of Recommendation.

Christopher Miles - Identity’s Playground: Linking Second Language Use with Strategic Competence.

Hong Xiao and Eleni Petraki - An Investigation of Chinese Students´Difficulties in Intercultural Communication and its Role in Elt.

Loretta Ya-Wen Teng - Collaborating and Communicating Online: A Cross-Bordered Intercultural Project between Taiwan and the U.S.

Issue 12, August 2006

Justin Charlebois - Community of Practice Involvement Obligations.

Hanna-Kaisa Desavelle & Saku Mäkinen - Addressing the Consumer in Standardised Advertisements: Linguistic Cues in French and Finnish Technology Products’ Advertising Texts.

Mohammed Farghal - Accidental Humor in International Public Notices Displayed in English

Frank Meyer - A Comparative Look at Scandinavian Cultures: Denmark, Norway and Sweden and Their Encounters with German Refugees, 1933-1940.

Margaret Murphy and Mike Levy - Politeness in Intercultural Email Communication: Australian and Korean Perspectives

Félix Neto - Changing intercultural attitudes over time

Yumi Nixon and Peter Bull - Cultural communication styles and accuracy in cross-cultural perception

Issue 11, April 2006

Arve Gunnestad - Resilience in a Cross-Cultural Perspective: How resilience is generated in different cultures.

Seth Ayim Gyekye - Causal Attributions for Industrial Accidents: A Culture-Comparative Analysis

Carel Jansen, Jos van Baal & Eefje Bouwmans - Investigating culturally-oriented fear appeals in public information documents on HIV/AIDS

Haruthai Putrasreni Numprasertchai & Fredric William Swierczek - Dimensions of Success in International Business Negotiations: A Comparative Study of Thai and International Business Negotiators

Janet M. Roberts - Wearing the Hijab: An argument for moderate selective acculturation of newly immigrated Arab-American women

Xingsong Shi - Intercultural Transformation and Second Language Socialization

Jonas Stier - Internationalisation, intercultural communication and intercultural competence

Issue 10, December 2005

Fengping Gao - Japanese: A Heavily Culture-Laden Language

Ajay K. Ojha - Sensemaking and Identity Development: Different Fields, Similar Processes, but How?

Hanne Tange - In a cultural No Man’s Land – or, how long does culture shock last?

Loretta Ya-Wen Teng - A Cross-cultural Communication Experience at a Higher Education Institution in Taiwan

Sabine Wilhelm - Covering the war in Iraq: Frame choices in American and German national newspapers

Issue 9, June 2005

Ruba Fahmi Bataineh and Rula Fahmi Bataineh - American University Students’ Apology Strategies: An Intercultural Analysis of the Effect of Gender

Neva Cebron, Reka Jablonkai and Ljerka Rados - The cross-cultural business communication project or expoiting ICT to facilitate ICC

Xinping Guan - Attention to Cultural Imperialism beneath Discourse Implicature in International Business Communication

Simon U. Kragh and Sven Bislev - Universities and student values across nations

Yumi Nixon and Peter Bull - The effects of cultural awareness on nonverbal perceptual accuracy: British and Japanese training programmes

Ilona E. Podolyan - How Do Ukrainians Communicate? (Observations Based upon Youth Population of Kyiv)

Issue 8, January 2005

Nataliya Berbyuk, Jens Allwood and Charlotte Edebäck - Being a Non-Swedish Physician in Sweden

Elisabeth Elmeroth - Public authorities speak about immigrants

Iben Jensen - Professionalism in Intercultural Job Interviews?

Alena Korshuk - Learning more about cultures through free word association data

María Palma Fahey - Speech acts as intercultural danger zoness

Kinga Williams and Rose Aghdami - Managing migration

Jingjing Zhao and Nelson Edmondson - Conscius recognition of the limitations of human knowledge as the foundation of effective intercultural communication

Issue 7, September 2004

Wai-chung Ho - A Cross-cultural Study of Preferences for Popular Music Among Hong Kong and Thailand Youths

Sine Just - Communicative prerequisites for diversity - protection of difference or promotion of commonality?

Kaisu Korhonen - Developing Intercultural Competence as Part of Professional Qualifications. A Training Experiment

Christopher M. Schmidt - The relevance of culture-specific conceptualisation for organisational management: a cross-cultural study on the difference between German and Swedish organisational concepts

Ingmar Söhrman - Intercultural communication or parallel cultures? The Swiss example with special regard to the Rhaeto-Romance situation

Jonas Stier - Intercultural Competencies as a Means to Manage Intercultural Interactions in Social Work

Igor Z. Zagar - How "refugees" became "illegal migrants": Constuction, Reconstruction, … Deconstruction

Issue 6, February 2003

Hans Gullestrup - The Complexity of Intercultural Communication in Cross-cultural Management

Iben Jensen - The Practice of Intercultural Communication - reflections for professionals in cultural meetings

Lin Ma - Is There an Essential Difference between Intercultural and Intracultural Communication?

Giovanna Pistillo - The Interpreter as Cultural Mediator

Zhu Yunxia - Revisiting Relevant Approaches for the Study of Language and Intercultural Communication

Issue 5, 2002

M. Gene Aldridge - What is the Basis of American Culture?

Johannes Brinkmann - Business Ethics and Intercultural Communication. Exploring the overlap between two academic fields

Ruth Lillhannus - Open, Closed, and Locked Images: Cultural Stereotypes and the Symbolic Creation of Reality

Amardo Rodriguez - Culture To Culturing. Re-imagining Our Understanding Of Intercultural Relations

Christopher M. Schmidt - Metaphor and cognition: a cross-cultural study of indigenous and universal constructs in stock exchange reports

Issue 4, 2000

Jens Allwood & Ralph Schroeder - Intercultural Communication in Virtual Environment

Mobo C F Gao - Influences of Native Culture and Language on Intercultural Communication: the Case of PRC Student Immigrants in Australia

James Leigh - Implications of Universal and Parochial Behavior for Intercultural Communication

Steven L. Rosen - Japan as Other: Orientalism and Cultural Conflict

Kjell Skyllstad - Creating a Culture of Peace. The Performing Arts in Interethnic Negotiations

Tongtao Zheng - Characteristics of Australian Political Language Rhetoric: Tactics of gaining public support and shirking responsibility

Issue 3, 2000

Bente Bakmand - National language planning - why (not)?

Magnus Bergquist & Magnus Mörck - From fever to flu: the rhetoric of reporting Asia in a Swedish business magazine

B. Campbell et al. - The development of communicative abilities within small group contexts: a cross cultural perspective

Kiira Maria Kirra - Finns in interaction with non-finns: problematic phenomena perceived as critical incidents

Brian Norris - Managing cultural diversity within higher education: a South African perspective

Rumiko Oyama - Visual Communication across Cultures

Zhu Yunxia - Business Writing in Mainland China:

Issue 2, 1999

A. C. Hofmann - Numbers and geometrical forms as an intercultural 'language'

Kerstin Nauclér & Sally Boyd - Crosscultural Perspectives on Interaction with Minority and Majority Children at Home and in Pre-school

Alan McGee - The sociolinguistic aspects of the business presentation and its importance for the teaching

Inese Ozolina - Language Use and Intercultural Communication in Latvia

Hilde Roald - Intercultural Communication, the Print Medium and the Ideal of Two-way Symmetry in Interaction

Shlomo G. Shoham and Amit Pinchevski - The Medium is the Barrier

Bill Ticehurst and Cal W. Downs - Professional Communication in Asia/Pacific Organisations

Issue 1, 1999

James Haines - "Oi! Skins"

Volker Hinnenkamp - The Notion of Misunderstanding in Intercultural Communication

Sten Jönsson, Anders Edström & Urban Ask - Communication in product development in an alliance setting

Kaisu Korhonen - Intercultural Communication through Hypermedia

Charles McHugh - Reaction Profiles by Americans, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Vietnamese on ‘Skeletons in the Family Closet’ Topics

Paul McIlvenny - Avatars R Us?

Sasho Ognenovsky - Paralinguism in the Theatre and the International Theatre Festivals